About IC

  • Background of IC
  • Experience that can be shared by Thomas

  • IC is a European based intercultural knowledge sharing and training company founded by Dr. Thomas Cahlik. IC’s learning services are offered to clients around the world.
  • Intercultural skills are necessary for success in cross-cultural situations, in both business and personal environments.
  • The skill set needed for perception, empathy and behavior patterns in cross-cultural situations can be learned. These skills can be taught while studying specific cultures (i.e. the differences in business etiquette in German vs. American business meetings) or while studying intercultural competence in a generic way (i.e. how to behave when working with other cultures).
  • Intercultural competence is a valuable and essential asset:
    • in the international business world as a manager or expert
    • in your free time when dealing with other cultures
    • if you want to prepare your children for a globalized world


  • grew up in a bicultural family and has spent time in host families around the world
  • attended an American high school for one year and later a French Grande École
  • has studied some 10 languages, and is proficient in 5
  • has lived and worked in several different cultures including the US, Canada (with his wife and children), France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany
  • has built and managed diverse global teams and projects consisting of many cultures and personalities
  • has developed management leadership skills in a globalized business surrounding
  • has guided his wonderful wife and family through intercultural experiences starting from the moment their children were born